Medication Schedules

Medication schedules allow you to plan, track, and easily distribute medications on a schedule. Schedule reminders will appear above the client in the Case Manager pages, and in the medication widget. To add a medication schedule to a client, you must first have a client selected. You can select a client via the Search application under the Case Manager application or by using the Search Clients search bar in the top right of the screen.

Search can be found in the top right of the application or underneath the Case Manager section

Once a client is selected, expand the Case Manager and Medical navigation items, then select the Medication application.

The medication application can be found under Case Manager then Medical

Note: If you want to distribute a client’s medication, please ensure you have already added their medication to their placement.

Select + New Schedule across from the Medical Schedules header

The new schedule button is to the right of the Medical Schedules header

Next select who owns the medication. If you don’t see a client medication, go back to the previous screen and ensure the medication is associated with their placement. If you don’t see a facility medication, please go to the facility medications under Facility, Medications in the left navigation and ensure it is present. Then fill out the fields as needed.

Medication – The medication you need to dispense.

Start Date – This is the first date you need to distribute the medication

End Date – The final day you need to distribute the medication

Quantity to Distribute – The number of pills, tablets, puffs, syringes, etc… that you need to distribute at each distribution time.

Times – When you need to distribute the medication. Multiple times can be selected. If you don’t see the time you need, please contact your administrator as they can modify the dropdown through the picklist admin.

Notes – Any additional information you wish to capture about this distribution

Is Active – If unchecked it will not notify you of this schedule, but will keep the information. This is commonly used if the distribution is paused for any reason.

Finally, press Save to go to a summary screen, or Save and List to return to the client’s medications page.

Users will now receive reminders and warnings based on the schedule you have set up.

A client medication reminder is shown above a client summary.
Example of a client medication reminder
Example of the medications widget
Example of the medications widget showing both upcoming and overdue medication distribution schedule.

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