Using the Custom Form System

The custom form system allows you to build forms and collect data that YouthCenter does not collect natively. Data entered into any form can be reported out in the Reporting System. In 2022, we added the ability to invite others, via email, who are not users of YouthCenter, to fill out forms and the data will be saved directly into YouthCenter.

The above video covers:

  • Custom Forms
    • Locations in YouthCenter
    • Form vs PDF Report
  • Creating Forms
    • Sections
    • Form vs PDF Report
    • Adding fields
    • Tokens
    • Security
    • On vs Off
  • Advanced Form Features
    • Report Data Source
    • Invitations
    • Required fields
    • Form completion
  • Filling out forms
    • Filling out & editing forms
    • Viewing & PDF Creation
  • Reports from Forms
    • Building a report with form data
  • Invitations to external people
    • Invitations
    • What they see via email
    • What your team sees

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