Adding a Client’s Medication

YouthCenter makes it easy to track medication and medication distribution schedules. To add a new client-specific medication, you must first select a client through either the Search application under the Case Manager application or by using the Search Clients search bar in the top right of the screen.

You can find the client search in the top right of the screen or under the Case Manager on the left navigation.

Once a client is selected, expand the Case Manager and Medical navigation items, then select the Medication application.

Select the placement associated with the medication #

Once on the medications screen, first determine if you’d like this new medication attached to a specific facility placement, or if you’d like the medication to span across multiple facility placements. If you’d like the medication record to span multiple intakes, select the placement (Placement dates) bar and select None (Not associated with a placement) from the dropdown. This is common for clients that enter or leave the facility regularly (Examples: Day treatment, school release, residency programs)

Once you have selected the associated placement, press the green + New Medication buttons to the right of the Client Medications header.

The add new medication button can be found directly to the right of the Client Medications heading

Search for existing medications #

First, check if the system already has the medication details by typing the medication name into the Medication field. If the system already has the medication you can skip the next step.

The medication field can be found underneath the facility placement field. It supports both type ahead and dropdown selection of medications entered into the system.

Add a new medication to the system #

If the system doesn’t already have the medication select the green + New medication button. Enter in the medication details and then press save.

(Note: If you do not see the medication type you need, contact your administrator, they can update the dropdown through the picklist admin)

Add a medication to the client #

Now that the medication is in the system, you can add it to the client. Select the medication by typing the name of the medication into the Medication field.

You can either then use the prescription shorthand which understands basic distribution instructions or enter the distribution plan in the prescription field below that. Enter the other fields as desired.

Adding an Initial Quantity #

By selecting the Add Initial Quantity checkbox, you can set the initial count of the medicine.

Finally, you can press Save to be taken to a summary page, or press Save and List to go back to the medication overview page.

If the client medication you’ve added needs to be dispensed regularly, it is highly recommended you set up a medication schedule.

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