Adding an Attorney Appointment

YouthCenter supports multiple attorney appointments and appointment history to support the entirety of a client’s journey.

Granted that you have proper permissions to add a new appointment, you must first select a client through either the Search application under the Case Manager application or by using the Search Clients search bar in the top right of the screen.

Once a client has been selected, navigate to the Contacts application in the main navigation menu.

Adding an Attorney Appointment #

  • Scroll down to the Attorney Appointments
  • Select the green Create a New Appointment button on the right
  • Add Appointment information
  • Press the blue Save button

Attorney Appointment Fields

The Attorney field is a type-ahead drop-down search. Either type the name or scroll through the names and select the Attorney that is assigned.

The Appointment Type drop-down indicates what type of appointment this is classified as. These types can be modified by your administrators.

The Petition field allows you to link this appointment with a specific petition from the Court application via a type-ahead drop-down search.

The Start Date indicates when the appointment will begin.

The End Date optionally indicates when an appointment has ended.

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