Modifying the Client Team Members

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Adding, removing, or changing team members assigned to the client is done easily in the Contacts application. Team members include judges, supervisors, and primary team members.

Granted that you have proper permissions to modify the client team, you must first select a client through either the Search application under the Case Manager application or by using the Search Clients search bar in the top right of the screen.

Once a client has been selected, navigate to the Contacts application in the main navigation menu.

Modifying the Client Team #

  • Scroll down to the Client Team section
  • Select the Edit Team Members button
  • Select  the client team role you wish to modify
  • Type the team member’s name or scroll through the drop-down and find the team member and select them
  • Press the blue Save button

NOTE: As a reminder, team members must be users in your YouthCenter. If you need to add a new team member contact your administrator. 

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