Adding an Assessment

If a client is not already selected, use the Case Management search or client search.

Once a client is selected, select the Assessment application

Adding an Assessment Schedule #

  • Select the green New Assessment Schedule button
  • Choose if the assessment is active
  • Select the assessment from the drop-down list
  • Optionally, choose if there is a due date for the next assessment¬†
  • Press the blue Save button

Now that you have chosen an assessment, it’s recommended you add the first new response.

Adding a New Assessment Response #

  • Select the green New Response button
  • Enter any relevant information
  • Select the blue Save button

Once an assessment has been saved, if the information is complete, it should be submitted.

Submitting a New Assessment Response #

Once an assessment has been entered, you can modify when the report was given to the client, as well as optionally set a reminder of the next time this assessment should be completed and comments.

Reviewing a Submitted Assessment #

The final step in the assessment process is a supervisor review. Granted that you have permissions you will receive a notification in your Messages application indicating you have an assessment to review. Selecting the link within that message will take you to the Assessment application. 

As a reviewer, you can approve or reject an assessment with or without comments. Rejecting an assessment will send a notification message to the original submitter.

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