Subscribe to a report

YouthCenter allows you to receive a report directly into your and/or other’s inbox regularly. To create a subscription, first access the legacy YouthCenter application by pressing the logo in the top menu bar.

From the old interface, select Case Manager on the left hand side

Then choose reports from the top navigation. Finally find the report you wish to create the subscription to and select the down carrot to the left of it. Select “Subscribe to this report”

Selecting the Send To menu box will open an interface that will allow you to select any user of the YouthCenter system, or enter an external user’s email address and add them to the report subscription. Once you are done adding indidivudals, you can choose from the additional options.

Format allows you to choose to send the results as an Excel (CSV) file, or as a HTML report.

Send when empty? allows you to choose if the report should be sent even when it contains no data.

Schedule allows you to select the frequency and start and end date of this subscription.

Pressing OK will save the subscription and individuals in the Send To will receive the associated report the morning of the next scheduled date.

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